Updated ADR card available from Eurobitume website

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Bitumen producers, hauliers and users can now access an updated Eurobitume ADR* card to help them better understand the bitumen-related elements of the biennially updated regulations for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

As part of our Mission ‘to promote the safe use of bitumen’, following the most recent update of these regulations (which became mandatory on 1 July 2021) Eurobitume Safe Handling of Bitumen sub-committee experts updated Eurobitume’s ADR 2013 card - which was one of the most downloaded documents on the Eurobitume website

The addition of ADR pictograms specific to bitumen make the document easier to use, as does the inclusion of some standard numbers for PPE in the "Personal Protection" section, which help hauliers and plant managers to get the recommended equipment more easily.

The updated Eurobitume ADR card is available from the Eurobitume website in English, French and German. A specific version for UK domestic journeys has also been produced and is available here. Additional language versions will be available in 2022

*"ADR" is derived from the French name for the 30 September 1957 United Nations treaty that governs the transnational transportation of hazardous materials: Accord relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route.