Updated Bitumen Burns cards

Europe |

In line with the latest scientific advice, Eurobitume has updated its Bitumen Burns cards, which are currently already available from the Eurobitume website in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. More language versions are in progress.

The three main changes to the advice given are:

  1. Burns should be cooled for a minimum of 20 minutes
  2. Burns should first be cooled with tepid water, not cold, then with warm water to prevent hypothermia
  3. Advice about how to remove cold bitumen from the skin has been made clearer: it should only be done by medical personnel.

Eurobitume’s Bitumen Burns cards set out the latest expert guidance and scientific recommendations should anyone require first aid after suffering a bitumen burn. It should accompany the patient to the doctor or hospital and be placed in a prominent position.

The Bitumen Burns card is part of a comprehensive range of bitumen safety and safe handling documentation produced by Eurobitume, as part of our mission to promote the safe use of bitumen.

All of these documents are available to download from the Eurobitume website here.