Véronique Ducreux: new Eurobitume Technical Committee chair

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Each committee chair has a two-year tenure, after which a formal rotation process takes place with members invited to nominate a representative to steer that committee through the next 24-month cycle.

At this year’s Eurobitume Spring meeting, ExxonMobil’s Véronique Ducreux was welcomed as the new chair of the Technical Committee. She took over from Vicente Perez of Cepsa, who was warmly thanked for his leadership of the committee over the past two years.

The Chairs of the Safe Handling of bitumen Sub-Committee (SHSC) and Public Relations and Communications (PRC) committee were also scheduled for election.

Shell’s Bruno Piguel was thanked for his work as SHSC chair over the previous two years and then re-elected for a new, two-year term, providing a consistency to the work finalising on-going tasks.

Eurobitume wishes both candidates a successful and interesting time serving as the Chairs of their respective committees and thanks member companies for providing their support for these very important industry leadership opportunities.

Due to a late change in circumstances, it was agreed that Siobhan McKelvey would continue as the interim chair of the PRC. This will be reviewed at the Autumn Meeting in 2022.