Well-received 3rd and 4th members-only webinars

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Developed to provide a non-technical or new-to-the-industry audience with a good basic introduction into the bitumen industry, Eurobitume’s innovative programme of members-only educational e-learning webinars continued in September

  • Webinar #3: ‘From crude to bitumen: a guide to manufacturing methods’ was presented by Eurobitume’s Technical Lead, Dr Ian Lancaster (left)
  • Webinar #4: ‘Specification systems for bitumen – a global perspective’ was presented by Eurobitume’s HSE Lead, Dr Anja Sörensen (right)

‘From crude to bitumen: a guide to manufacturing methods’
On Wednesday 14th September, the 95 plus member company attendees at webinar #3 heard Eurobitume’s Ian Lancaster provide an interesting overview of the different production methods – including distillation, air-rectification and oxidisation – used to produce the main types of bitumen: straight-run, blended and paving bitumen; roofing bitumen; oxidised bitumen; and modified bitumen; and bitumen blending components. The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.

‘Specification systems for bitumen – a global perspective’
took place on the following Wednesday (21st), when Eurobitume’s Anja Sörensen explained to the more than 90 participants the differences between “standards” and “specifications”, and how the specification systems for bitumen differ in the United States, Europe and Australia. Anja then gave more details about standards and specifications relating to bitumen and bituminous products in Europe and Eurobitume’s role in helping shape them.

As is the case with all these events, the webinar ended with a very interactive Q&A session. Slides, speaker notes and recordings of the four members-only webinars held to date have been packaged into discrete learning packages which are now available exclusively to members through the Eurobitume members’ Intranet site.

The final two educational webinars this year will be held in October and December:

  • ‘Handling bitumen safely’, takes place on 26th October and
  • ‘Basics in bitumen testing’, will be on 7th December.