Loading Compatibility Matrix:

Specifically designed for bitumen distributors, this chart provides practical guidance for switch loading, reloading, of road, rail, and shipping transport. Please note that classification issues regarding the previous load have to be taken into account.

Maximum Safe Handling Temperature:

Based on an analysis of safety considerations, such as flash point, but also taking into account exposure to fumes, Eurobitume has created a list of proposed maximum safe handling temperatures for bitumen. These temperatures have been established through generally satisfactory operational experience and are consistent with the Energy Institute Model Code of Safe Practice, Part 11. Download

Safe Storage:

If bitumen is overheated, it can have a serious effect on the properties of the material, impacting its usability. Overheating can also lead to the build-up of deposits inside the storage tank and increased emissions. For this reason, bitumen should be stored at a temperature of at least 30°C below its flash point.

The bitumen industry recommends the following maximum storage and operational temperatures:

  • Road bitumen ≤ 200 °C
  • Industrial bitumen ≤ 230 °C

Eurobitume and your bitumen provider are happy to provide further information on safe storage if you have any questions.

All our HSE Guidance documentation can be accessed via our Publications page.


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