Safe Delivery Guides

Learn from our experience. Our members have decades of experience safely dealing with bitumen. We have prepared Safe Delivery Guides for a number of different regions, outlining the relevant legal and safety data for each country. Each guide contains a clear definition of the responsibilities of all parties involved in the transport of bitumen as well as a summary of best practices, collected by the local specialists in our Eurobitume member organisations. Based on experience in France, Germany, the UK and the USA, they are available in local language editions (see below). In addition to reflecting European legal requirements and ADR regulations, national editions usually include an extra section on any applicable local regulations.

Information includes:

  • Basic delivery site conditions
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Delivery vehicle equipment
  • Operation and maintenance of storage tanks and associated pipework
  • Procedures for deliveries
  • Bitumen discharge permits
  • Training in handling and transportation
  • Advice on treating bitumen burns
  • Site and delivery audits
  • Risk assessment


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Here is a list of the Safe Delivery Guidelines that are currently available:

Standard European Edition

This edition, in English, contains general guidelines for Europe as a whole, referring to existing EU Health, Safety & Environmental legislation. Users should compare with local conditions and regulations and add any specific national requirements that are not included.
Download Standard European Edition

The standard European edition is also available in these languages



This safe delivery guide in French and Dutch includes a section detailing additional national requirements that apply in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. A questionnaire designed to be used in conjunction with the Benelux guide is also available in both languages. This Excel tool can help those responsible for the delivery process to assess their alignment with the recommendations contained in the guide.
Download Guide French version
Download Questionnaire French version
Download Guide Dutch version
Download Questionnaire Dutch version


This French-language document applies only to France as it contains provisions applicable to specific French regulations.
Download French version


This German-language document applies only to Germany as it contains provisions applicable to specific German regulations.
Download German version


This safe delivery guide in Spanish includes a section detailing additional national requirements for Spain.
Download Spanish version


Available in French or German (Swiss), this safe delivery guide includes a section detailing additional national requirements for Switzerland.
Download Swiss German Guide
Download Swiss French Guide


This Italian-language document applies only to Italy as it contains provisions applicable to specific Italian regulations.

Download Italian version


This Polish-language document applies only to Poland as it contains provisions applicable to specific Polish regulations.

Download Polish version