September 2020: Supporting our members on standardisation in Europe

Supporting our members on standardisation in Europe


Appropriate standards for product performance and testing benefit everyone involved with the bitumen industry: they help specifiers select the best product for each application and eliminate potential commercial and technical barriers to trade, by providing a set of common references for buyers and suppliers.

March 2020: Handling bitumen safely

Handling bitumen safely

Bitumen is an important, environmentally-friendly material that helps provide a wide range of performance benefits and is used across a diverse range of applications: from road pavements and race-track surfaces through to airport aprons, runways and industrial water-proofing.

January 2020: The bitumen Life Cycle Inventory

The bitumen Life Cycle Inventory

Access to credible, authoritative, current data for each of the four main cradle-to-gate life cycle stages of bitumen - Oil extraction, Transport, Refining and Storage - is very important for anyone wanting to calculate the environmental impact of manufacturing end-products that incorporate bitumen.

May 2019: Feature TIS documents

Important test methods made clearer with Technical Information Sheets

The European Union Single Market requires that there are no barriers to trade across Europe. A critical part of this involves the harmonisation of bitumen specifications. Currently, for road applications, there are European specifications for paving, hard paving and multigrade, polymer-modified bitumen as well as for cut-back & fluxed bitumen and for cationic bitumen emulsions.

February 2019: Feature Exposure and Reduction

Minimising exposure to bitumen emissions in the workplace

Bitumen emissions at ambient temperature are negligible. However, bitumen is hot when manufactured and, because of its physical characteristics, it is also hot when transported and hot in most applications.

November 2018: Feature Bitumen trends

Bitumen trends: new and existing technologies

A huge amount of research and development work is continually being carried out across Europe, exploring many areas that have potential to positively impact bitumen in different ways - including technologies, compositions, production methods and application techniques.  Read more...

August 2018: Feature Reference for bitumen

The first reference for bitumen in Europe

Eurobitume’s vision is to be the first reference for bitumen in Europe. The main task of Eurobitume is to promote the safe, efficient, effective and economic use of bitumen in road and industry applications on behalf of its members.  Read more...

July 2018: Feature Future Cities

Cities of the future

As mobility evolves to reflect changes in technology, attitudes, policy and the environment, bitumen is at the heart of this changing ecosystem as road infrastructure becomes increasingly ‘smarter’. Read more...

May 2018: Feature Bitumen Burns

Avoiding and managing bitumen burns

Contact burns are the number one hazard when working with hot bitumen, which is used in a diverse range of applications. Read more...

December 2017: Feature Events

Eurobitume events: coming to a city near you in 2018!

Eurobitume will hold a number of events over the course of 2018. Read more...

October 2017: Feature Roofing

Bitumen protects buildings

For centuries, bitumen has been recognized as an excellent waterproofing material. Waterproofing is currently the second largest application for bitumen and accounts for between 10 and 15% of all the bitumen produced in Europe each year...
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June 2017: Feature Cycling

Bitumen and cycling

With the 2017 Tour de France starting in Düsseldorf on 1st July and ending on the Champs Elysées in Paris on 23rd July, we explore the key role that bitumen plays in cycling.

May 2017: Feature Energy Efficiency

Driving on asphalt roads takes less energy

Bitumen is a core component of the asphalt used in road construction and influences the energy that needs to be expended by a vehicle travelling along that road.
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March 2017: Feature Bitumen production

Bitumen comes in many forms

Bitumen is a very versatile material that is produced in many forms and has many different applications - 80–85 % of bitumen produced today is used in paving applications, with the balance in roofing or industrial applications.
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February 2017: Feature Standards

Shaping the future

Eurobitume is the focal point for the bitumen industry in Europe, and one of our key functions is helping shape the future of the industry through the development and evolution of comprehensive international product standards:
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January 2017: Feature HSE

Bitumen: Hot stuff, handle with care!

Our experts have developed a wealth of valuable guidance and advice to help ensure working with bitumen is safe.

December 2016: Feature Roads

Investing in our greatest asset: Roads

An efficient, effective, well-maintained road network is not only crucial economically (to the transportation of people, goods and services), but also extremely important socially (to mobility) and to the environment (CO2 emissions).