Performance Related Specifications (PRS) Position Paper

The first generation of bitumen standards (EN 12591 paving grade bitumens, EN 14023 polymer modified bitumens and EN 13924 hard paving grade bitumens) is used in most European countries. The Eurobitume Task Force PRS has produced a position paper summarising its position on the next generation of performance related specifications. Key recommendations include:

  • A new specification is only required for rheologically "complex" bitumens such as polymer modified and hard paving grade bitumens.
  • Rheologically “simple” bitumens such as described in EN 12591 do not need new specifications as the existing test methods are considered to be adequately performance related.

A review of bitumen test methods that could be considered for future specification purposes has been carried out. The results of this work have been compiled in the 2009 Eurobitume Data Collection report which can be found here. This Data Collection has been updated with additional data sets received from CEN members, the CEN Data Collection report was handed over to CEN/TC 336.


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