Eurobitume has produced videos on a variety of topics which are freely available on Eurobitume's YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the following link -

Eurobitume educational webinars

Webinar 1: What is Bitumen?

Delivered by Eurobitume Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster, the What is Bitumen? webinar provided an informative introduction to bitumen. It began with an introduction into the origins of bitumen and how it is manufactured, then explored common applications, how it is described and included an overview of the main test methods.

Webinar 2: Safe handling of bitumen in the supply chain

This webinar is focused on the loading and unloading of bitumen and was taken by Eurobitume Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster, who began by explaining the important difference between Hazard (A source of potential harm) and Risk (The probability that a person will be harmed if exposed to a hazard). He highlighted the five main hazards when working with hot bitumen, discussed mitigating measures to reduce the risks of each causing harm and gave a broad overview of the safe handling procedures, protocols and guidance available from Eurobitume.