Latest website feature article describes how Technical Information Sheets help to clarify important test methods

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How Eurobitume’s Technical Information Sheets (TIS) make various bitumen test methods easier to understand and provide practical advice on their operation is the subject of our latest topical feature article, which is now online.

‘Important test methods made clearer with Technical Information Sheets’ highlights how important standardised test methods are to demonstrate the compliance of bitumen with the appropriate specifications. The article also describes how the TIS use clear text and imagery to review the test methods and contains critical practical information covering temperature dependency, sample preparation, operation of the test and interpretation of the results.

Following the publication of the latest TIS, there are currently seven different Eurobitume TIS (detailed below) - which are available in multiple languages:

  1. Penetration (EN 1426)
  2. Softening Point Ring and Ball (EN 1427)
  3. Cohesion by Force Ductility (EN 13589)
  4. Rheology by Dynamic Shear Rheometer (EN 14770)
  5. Rheology by Bending Beam Rheometer (EN 14771)
  6. Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (EN 16659)
  7. Long-term ageing using the Pressure Ageing Vessel (EN 14769)

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