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"Eurobitume is the voice of the European bitumen industry, educating and promoting the efficient, economic, effective, safe and sustainable use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications."

One Voice for the Industry

Welcome to Eurobitume, the European Association of Bitumen Producers. We are the voice of the bitumen industry in Europe. We are not just active at a European level, but at a local level too. Following successful restructuring, the National bitumen associations in Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have joined together with Eurobitume in Brussels to present local and international initiatives together, under one banner. It’s a huge step forwards for the industry, allowing us to communicate directly and powerfully with all players in the bitumen industry and beyond.

Our activities include:

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of bitumen to policy makers and the general public.

  • Working with industry and regulatory bodies to further the development of specifications and test methods for bitumen.

  • Promoting long-term planning, asset management and structured infrastructure maintenance programs.

  • Working with our members across Europe to promote development in the bitumen industry.

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The bitumen Life Cycle Inventory

Access to credible, authoritative, current data for each of the four main cradle-to-gate life cycle stages of bitumen - Oil extraction, Transport, Refining and Storage - is very important for anyone wanting to calculate the environmental impact of manufacturing end-products that incorporate bitumen.


The Asphalt Advantages Campaign

Have you ever given in-depth thought to asphalt? Our Europe-wide campaign “Asphalt Advantages” puts asphalt centre stage, and we would like to familiarise you with its many benefits – in road building, construction work and beyond.

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As Fascinating as Versatile

Bitumen is an unsung hero of our modern world. A crucial component of the asphalt we use to build roads, bitumen holds our city streets together and connects cities and countries across vast distances. This valuable material has countless uses and applications, and more are being discovered every year, thanks to research and development within the bitumen industry. Read more

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Health and Safety

The highest Health and Safety Standard

Bitumen emissions at ambient temperature are negligible. However, the physical properties of bitumen require that handling and application is generally carried out at elevated temperature. Under these conditions emissions from bitumen can occur. Eurobitume places great importance on ensuring that occupational exposure of workers to emission from hot bitumen is minimised.
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